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Even though a book should not be judged by its cover, your website is in many cases your first introduction to your customers, and when selling products or services online, it can also be the only contact they will ever have with your company. Your website is a key factor based on which consumers can decide whether or not to return to your company’s services, whether or not to recommend your company to a friend, and even whether or not to make a purchase immediately, postpone it, or in the worst case, buy from your competitors.

If a customer would come visit your office, would you try to look and behave professional, do your best in making it as easy as possible for them to sign a contract, while also enjoying their visit to your company? So why not do the same when welcoming your customers on your website?

In order to be permanently ready for your customers to visit your website and not to depart from it empty handed, you need to have an integrative approach. Professional website design starts before your customers have reached your website. It first focused on how to get your customers there and it works hand in hand with branding and internet marketing in differentiating you from your competitors.

Reality shows that one of the best selling points is having a strong brand and a good visual image – as created by the logo and the design of the promotional materials you are using, or even they way your business card looks and what it says about you and the company you are representing. Brochures, catalogs, books, tradeshow signage, flyers, letterhead packages, and postcards are all part of the materials that when having a good graphic design, can help you define and re-define your visual identity, which is in turn part of your brand identity and clearly positions your company, products, and services in the minds of your target audience.

A good web designer will help you coordinate your website’s image with the image created by the rest of the elements that are part of your company’s identity. This coordination increases your brand awareness and creates positive image, ultimately strengthening your brand and increasing you selling power.

Besides consistency between your website’s design and other promotional materials, there is also a need for consistency between the different elements existent on your website (fonts, color code, images, videos, etc.). Other key features that can have an impact in making your website more user friendly are its structure (as shown in clear leads, visible and simple menu), its navigation (as facilitated by the existence of shortcuts and orientation hints), and its typography (fonts, colors, spacing, and paragraphing).

With the help of a company providing specialized web design services you will improve both the aesthetics and the usability of your website. You will not only gain an impactful visual image but also adjust your website content and get advice on how to keep it relevant and easy to follow for your target audience. This contributes to creating a pleasant experience for your website visitor’s, and a few ‘clicks’ later, a successful sale for you.

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